What’s new in Windows Server 2022 – an OS with two (hybrid) faces!

Although Microsoft’s focus is 100% on Azure, they recently released a new Windows server version. In this session, Hyper-V MVP Ronald Beekelaar will explain why Microsoft created Windows Server 2022 as an OS with two faces: it has different features running in Azure versus running in a customer datacenter on-premise. The new features in Windows Server 2022 center around (1) security, (2) hybrid connectivity with Azure, and (3) migration to Azure. The session will explain several new networking features in detail, such as a faster replacement for TCP (named QUIC), DNS over HTTPS (DoH), and SMB Compression. The session also covers the new “hotpatch” functionality: OS patching without reboot!

Notes and comments
As a symbolic gesture, I am submitting this session on the exact same day (16-June) as the originally planned Experts Live 2020 event. Exactly two years ago 🙂

What will visitors learn ?
– Why Microsoft created a new hybrid (!) Windows Server version
– Technical details about the new networking features in Windows Server 2022
– How “hotpatch” (patch without reboot) works in Windows Server

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