Teams governance: undressed. Case studies of gross mistakes.

No matter how much you avoid the subject of governance, it will catch up to you one day. The only question is, how badly will a clash with reality impact your organization? We have seen some of the world’s largest organizations make fundamental but avoidable mistakes and we want to tell you all about them so that you can ensure they won’t get replicated. In addition, if something has already gone wrong and you are scratching your head on how to tame teams, we will advise you on methods and strategies to remediate it.

Kasia is an expert in governance and M365 management. Edyta, Microsoft MVP, is the ACM projects maestro. Both have worked with a variety of horrific mistakes in client environments and would like to undress the topic of governance and see it for what it is. In the process, they will shed light on best practices and share some practical tips on setting up a Teams environment with governance in mind.

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