Properly securing Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync

There are ways to hack Azure AD Connect’s database and compromise the entire Active Directory forest. Designing and running Azure AD Connect and Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync in a highly-secure networking environment with proxies and high-availability requirements is no easy task.

Join Sander Berkouwer and Raymond Comvalius in this session to learn how to implement Azure AD Connect Sync or Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync in a secure way and how to monitor and audit it for proper security.

Even if you’re not a security professional, you’ll find that the demos and guidance in this session enable you to confidently make better security choices on Monday!

What will visitors learn ?
1. How to harden the networking settings
2. How to harden the Windows Server installation that runs Azure AD Connect Sync or the Azure AD Connect Provisioning Agent
3. How to harden the accounts used by Azure AD Connect Sync
4. How to tidy up DNS
5. How to recover when something does goes wrong with Azure AD Connect.

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