Bicep – Infrastructure as Code Masterclass – part II

If you’re into Infrastructure as Code on Azure, this is a masterclass you do not want to miss! Join this fun, interactive and demo-heavy masterclass and learn how to empower your Infrastructure as Code approach with Bicep! In this part 2, we’ll focus on more advanced scenarios. We’ll cover features like modules, dependencies, loops, conditions, decompiling, module registries, decompiling and much more! We’ll also share and demonstrate how to use Bicep in your DevOps strategy using Azure DevOps, GitHub Actions and Az CLI. Join us as we flex our muscles, walk away with all source code used in the session and if you’re lucky, win a paperback copy of the “Getting started with Bicep” book as we will give away a couple of them!

What will visitors learn ?
The goal of this session is to provide attendees a jump start in infrastructure as Code for the Azure platform. They will learn how to get started with their first Bicep template, how to leverage VSCode for an optimal authoring experience, and we’ll provide lots of advanced scenarios and use cases. All the source code used in the session will be shared on GitHub and we will also draw a couple of winners who will receive a copy of the book on Bicep. To maximize the learning experience, we propose a part I and II. Furthermore, this also allows inexperienced attendees to decide to only attend the part to get them started as well as experienced attendees to only catch the part II. Both sessions are demo-heavy, we perform all demos live to provide an attractive session and we provide enough space for Q&A during the session, to allow for an interactive and fun experience. In case you have concerns about the session being a 2-part setup, we’re happy to discuss options. Thanks!

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